Mike Schell

Mike is co-owner of Northern Flight Guide Service. Mike and Kyle established the guide company in 1988. Mike is a master guide with a keen ability to understand waterfowl and opportunities to have a memorable hunt. Besides being a great waterfowl guide Mike also guides for Spring Snows, Early Season Canada geese and summer walleye fishing. Mike is a live long resident of the Devils Lake area.

Kyle Blanchfield

Kyle is co-owner of Northern Flight Guide Service. Kyle and Mike Schell established the guide company in 1988. Kyle has had the pleasure to host waterfowl hunters from around the USA for over 30 years. Kyle enjoys sharing waterfowl hunting experiences with his guests on the North Dakota prairies. Besides a fall guide Kyle owns and operates Woodland Resort with his wife Karin.

Eric Strub

Eric Strub has been with the guide company since 2010. Eric has a passion for waterfowl that he loves to share with his clients. Besides a main guide in the fall, Eric also guides for spring snows early season Canada goose hunts and is a member of the Woodland Resort’s ice crew. Originally from Ore, MN Eric moved to the Devils Lake area in 2009 and lives in rural Harlow ND.

John Bouvette

John Bouvette

John moved to Devils Lake in 2001 and has been a fulltime winter and summer fishing guide and fall waterfowl guide ever since. John joined Northern Flight in the fall of 2021. Hard working and dedication describes John to a T. You will enjoy John’s fun attitude and keen insight to each day in the field.

Devan Sundeen

Devan has been with the guide service since 2016. Devna is a work horse and is committed to show his hunters decoying birds, up close and personal. Devan is also on the summer and winter Perch Patrol guide team.

Travis Elsperger

Travis has been with the guide service since 2017. First thing you will notice is Travis’s passion, energy and dedication to detail. Travis will work hard to make sure his guys have a great trip. Travis also guides summer and winter anglers and operates a fishing report website

Warren Blanchfield

Warren has been with the guide service since 2016. Warren loves field hunting for mallards and geese and work hard getting his hunters on the best hunt possible. Warren is also Woodland Marine’s General manager.

Landen Blanchfield

Landen has been with the guide service since 2018. Landen started hunting at a young age and passed his guide test at 18 years old. He has a real love of all things duck and goose hunting. Landen is a full time student at UND and work at Woodland Resort in the summer.

Dillon Marco

Dillon Marco

Dillon is our newest addition to the Northern Flight Guide Team. Dillon started in 2022 and is a passionate waterfowl guide on a mission to show his clients a world class experience. Dedicated to details, Dillon will show you a great time on the prairie.